The Right Tools For Writers: Voice Dictation

Want to Breathe Fire into Your Writing Output?

As a writer, our biggest limitation  can usually be summed up in one word: “productivity”. If we could somehow write faster, get our ideas down on paper faster, we would almost certainly be doing better – both financially, and mentally.  Pause for a moment and consider how many ideas you have lost over the years because they disappeared before you could write them down. Worse, how many times have you stumbled on a project while you were writing? I think if anyone says otherwise, well – they’re probably fibbing.

Writing is not only an art but also a discipline. In order to maximize one’s potential, the creative process must be refined and streamlined as much as possible. In all my years of writing, nothing has positively impacted my productivity more than voice dictation software.

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Write On Any Topic: Secrets To Rapid Research

Writing is a great way to earn extra money, and many authors turn their hobby into a full-time career. Doing rapid research is essential for writers, and proper technique ensures that writing is as profitable as possible. Most Internet articles are short, concise and designed to provide readers with usable information. Some authors rely on links to support their articles, and having access to quality information is essential. Using Wikipedia and other reliable sources are two ways that writers can quickly get the information that is needed for their article. Having multiple computers is another great idea, and a tablet is an ideal way to research and write at the same time.


Wikipedia is an Internet portal that is filled with lots of useful information. The pages are ideal for authors who are working on histories, biographies of complex subjects. The site features an easy-to-use search bar that takes research to the next level. Because Wikipedia pages include links and resources, writers can easily move across the Internet in their quest for information. Wikipedia has information on virtually every subject, and most articles are in depth and concise.

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The Right Tools For Writers: Computer & Desk

If you’re going to be doing much or all of your writing at home,  you need a place to write in your home! You may have dreams of a fancy home office with all the trimmings, but the truth of the matter is that you only need a few pieces of equipment to get started.

Though it might be a little discouraging to start with a bare bones set up, remember that you can always upgrade as time goes on. Start with your computer, your desk, and your chair, and you’ll find that you are ready to get started.

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The Life Of A Writer: What Writing For Money Is Like

Sipping coffee at a café, I am currently fulfilling the freelance writing dream as a write this article. For many freelancers struggling to make ends meet, the future may seem bleak. There are articles and opportunities out there for freelancers who make the leap into full-time work. Online writing offers a flexible schedule that writers’ desire. For the more motivated writer, there are jobs that exist writing magazine articles, trade reports and books.

The Pay

As much as a writer wants to live their dream and write, everything still comes down to the pay. A writer must make a livable wage for the career to be possible. Many of the articles written are done as “piecework”. Writers are paid for the article or book written and not by hour. Since many writers in the United States earn their wage in this manner, it is difficult to calculate average salaries and hours worked.

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Writing For Money Requires Discipline – Here’s How

Writing for money isn’t always easy; it requires discipline. Regardless of how much you may like to write, it can be hard to maintain good productivity.

Consider this iconic image: a writer lounging at a café in Paris, sipping at a cup of coffee as they contemplate their future great work. It sound laughably silly when put on paper, but many people have this sort of image in their minds of what it means to be a writer. Family and friends watch as writers sit at home and type. Little do they realize, but the entire process of writing is far more demanding and requires strict discipline.

Although some writers may achieve the iconic image of writing life, even these writers must strap themselves to a desk at some point and force the ideas out of their pen. Writing takes discipline, energy and time. Learning how to cultivate these three factors is one trait that is common among any successful writer.

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

When the creative muse fails and writer’s block strikes, it may seem like the end of your livelihood – or at least a very unwelcome interruption and deadline-killer. This need not be the case, however. With a few tips and guidelines, you can soon regain your linguistic abilities and get back on the road to success.

If a literary piece is already halfway completed, then some writers might find it best to step away from it for just a bit. Taking a few days off from writing to hike in the woods, spend time with friends, or go thrift store shopping can provide the mind with some much needed rest. When returning again to their writing desks or keyboards, they’ll likely be rejuvenated and ready to bang out the rest of their masterpiece.

Types of Paid Writing Jobs

Writing is an art, even when you’re writing for money. A writer can express any subject, conveying things that other modes of communication lack. New writers often don’t understand how many jobs are available in the writing field for him or her. There are many types of paid writing jobs for anyone interested in earning a living this way. A writer can select one way which is suitable for him. Some of the job types given below.

Article Writing: This type of writing includes various types of short note for a selected topics or themes or keywords etc. You can write articles for magazines, Travel Agencies or any company product or any web site etc.

Business writing: This type of writing includes writing for the commercial business magazines, advertisements, newspapers and professional copy-writing. The income rate is very high in this field. This type of writing requires that you be professional and know a sufficient degree of business knowledge for the field you’re working in.

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Becoming A Paid Freelance Author

A desire for independence, a quest for non-traditional employment, a life long infatuation with words, and a love of writing can undergo a metamorphosis and translate into a lucrative and profitable career as a freelance writer. The variety of assignments insures there won’t be a great deal of boredom; the writer can choose from promotional articles, technical writing, scientific or medical topics, “blog” style articles, or short stories and narratives.

Freelance writing for money has an assumption of quality and high standards that must be displayed in every written project. The freelancer should work for distinction based on excellence, eloquence, and ability for proficient, accomplished expression on every paid writing job. Additionally, the author must consistently produce a high caliber of written work that is a paradigm of merit, dependability that invariably meets and exceeds the expectation in a timely manner.

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Writing For Money and What Authors Look For

Writing for money means someone is paying you to produce something for them. Depending on the gig, that might be topical articles, product or service reviews, a narrative piece, or technical specifications. Regardless of what the paid writing assignment is, there are some common characteristics that all jobs require. If you want to do well in this endeavor, you must adhere to certain standards and maintain a level of quality. In fact, consistency is one of those critical traits of successful freelance writers.

There are many paid writing gigs that require the writer to create something on subjects they may know little or nothing about. This is actually quite common in the “writing for hire” freelancing world. Buyers aren’t necessarily looking for subject matter experts, but rather someone who can quickly and efficiently research a topic, and then write a quality piece at a relatively low cost. In many cases, it’s preferable to the buyer that the author not be an expert, as that expertise generally comes at a steep price. Being able to look up, research, and quickly synthesize information is one of the most important abilities someone writing for money can possess.

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Overcoming Writers Block

If you are writing for money online, it is only too common to get trapped in the occasional situation often referred to as the writer’s block. This is a dreaded condition where a writer actually runs out of ideas to write and are left in a helpless situation. This dry spell can be a disaster for most writers especially if the writing job is the main source of income for the family.

Paid writing means just what is sounds like – to earn money writing, you have to actually write; you don’t get paid if you don’t produce. So how do we get rid of the dreaded writer’s block? Here are 5 tips to help you overcome that all-too-frequent stumbling block:

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